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    "This class helped me immensely"
    - Nick Larrs - Recently Hired Apartment Manager’ on attending class.
    “Helped to hear it live, great class and information"
    - Jackie Karr

Today even people “who previously never thought about the business” are training to be onsite apartment managers! Why? Because there always many jobs hiring new qualified, trained people; plus you can save $1,000’s of dollars on rent payments!
Apartment Manager… 
There are Many people are qualified to work as an apartment manager. As there are always many jobs hiring qualified, trained singles, couples, veterans, retired, students, actors, writers, home based business owners, etc. But the challenge new, first-time people have who seek to get in the business; is that “most employers” only hire 1st People with 1-3 years of experience in the business or 2nd new people who have received some type of professional training.